Operation guarantee project of seawater desalination system of a group in GuangdongReturn

Project Name: operation guarantee project of seawater desalination system of a Guangdong Group Co., Ltd

Circulating water volume: 27500m 3/ h

Water holding capacity: 8000m 3

Make up water source: seawater desalination water

Water quality: the water quality is mainly characterized by high corrosivity

Service time: from July 2020 to now

System operating conditions:

Dosing scheme:

Chemical name



Dosing mode

Phosphorus free scale inhibitor dispersant



Continuous dosing

Carbon steel corrosion inhibitor



Copper corrosion inhibitor



Non oxidizing bactericide



Impact dosing

Organic bromine fungicide



Partial operation data:


Operation effect of zinc ion project

Shandong Dahu took over the circulating water system of the chemical giant in Guangdong. The system was originally served by Nalco and several other companies, but it has never met the requirements of customers. After receiving the customer's demand, Dahu immediately organized a technical team to rush to the site, understood the situation through communication, found out the crux of the problem, and came up with a new dosing and operation scheme. Now the treatment has met the design standards and the owner's requirements. The comparison of system operation is as follows:


During system operation. With the joint efforts of both parties, during the operation guarantee period of Shandong Dadu new materials Co., Ltd., the water quality of the internal circulating water system is stable, the inner wall of the heat exchanger is free of scaling and corrosion, and the cooling tower is free of microbial breeding, which effectively reduces the risk of scaling and pollution blockage of the system and ensures the stable and normal operation of the system.

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