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         Shandong Dahu new materials Co., Ltd. has widely attracted elites from all walks of life. Now it has a high-quality R & D team of nearly 100 people, more than 30 professional R & D personnel with medium or senior professional titles, built domestic advanced synthesis and application laboratories, chemical analysis laboratories and pilot test laboratories, and purchased advanced inspection, experiment and chemical analysis equipment such as gel chromatograph, liquid chromatograph and gas chromatograph, So that the company's quality control and inspection capabilities have reached the international leading level.

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       Shandong Dadu new materials Co., Ltd. has successively established a cooperation and interaction mechanism with top universities at home and abroad. Through different levels of professional training, it has laid a solid foundation for the scientific research ability of Dadu new materials to always be at the leading level in the industry. At present, Shandong great lakes has established a technical team with complete specialties, unified standards and strong execution.   


      Shandong great lakes national scientific research center and technology department ensure that every cooperation can have high-quality and reliable technical support to effectively serve customers! Make regular visits, take full responsibility and solve possible problems; For the sake of users, reduce costs, save energy consumption, launch new products, improve the use effect, and satisfy users with high-grade, low price and high-quality service.


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