Warmly celebrate the complete success of the magnesium industry technology exchange meeting between Shandong great lake and Qinghai Salt LakeReturn

      On March 31, 2021, the technical delegation of Shandong Dadu new materials Co., Ltd. arrived at Qinghai Salt Lake magnesium industry Co., Ltd. to hold a technical exchange symposium with the relevant technical directors of the branches of Qinghai Salt Lake magnesium industry.


       The meeting was held in conference room 1 of Salt Lake magnesium industry building. The senior leaders of Qinghai Salt Lake magnesium industry group attached great importance to the exchange and expressed warm welcome and thanks to the participants from Shandong great lake. Leaders and technical directors of Qinghai Salt Lake magnesium industry soda ash plant, power plant, methanol plant and other departments attended the meeting one after another.

       The two sides held in-depth discussions and exchanges on the difficulties and problems encountered in sewage, circulating water treatment and reverse osmosis treatment. The technical director of our company gave targeted suggestions for the index control of Salt Lake magnesium plants on the premise of "water saving, energy conservation and environmental protection".

       Subsequently, the relevant technicians of both parties went to the project sites of Qinghai Salt Lake for on-site investigation, conducted more in-depth exchange and Analysis on the problems found in the actual operation, and both parties gave corresponding solutions to the actual problems.

       The friendly exchanges between the two sides have not only deepened mutual understanding, but also been highly recognized by the leaders of the other side. The leaders of the two sides have reached a consensus and continued cooperation for win-win results.

      Shandong Dahu New Material Co., Ltd. is willing to add bricks and tiles to build a world-class salt lake base in China!

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