The "membrane" method will penetrate into multiple fields

    According to industry experts, the current high-performance membrane process for water treatment can be divided into microfiltration, ultrafiltration membrane (MBR membrane) and reverse osmosis membrane according to different fields. In addition to the MBR membranes for municipal wastewater treatment, springs such as microfiltration ultrafiltration membranes and reverse osmosis membranes will be opened in the industrial wastewater treatment and drinking water market.
    The industry analysis pointed out that after the introduction of the “Water Ten”, the highlight of pollution control will undoubtedly be reflected in the field of industrial wastewater treatment represented by the chapter “Clean Production”. According to the research of Shenyin Wanguo analysts, the industrial wastewater treatment market will reach a scale of 100 billion yuan in the next five years, and this giant "cake" is also expected to be infiltrated by the membrane process.
    According to statistics from the China Membrane Industry Association, compared with the market share of about 5% of the MBR membrane process in the municipal sewage treatment field, the market share of the membrane process in the industrial wastewater treatment sector is less than 1%, and the policy pushes the membrane process comprehensively. Under the background of “striking the city”, the market potential of the membrane method in this field is more optimistic.
According to the Shenyin Wanguo Research Report, according to the processing scale of 270 million m3·d-1 in the whole industry in 2012, half of the next five years will be upgraded and upgraded. The unit investment will be calculated at 1,500 yuan, and the investment driven by the transformation of industrial wastewater treatment facilities in the next five years. The amount will be expected to reach 40 billion yuan. According to Eugene, in the future, with the strict control of water use indicators in major industries, it will force enterprises to improve the efficiency of water use, which will drive the market space for the utilization of industrial reclaimed water with higher requirements for effluent water quality, which will be membrane technology. The application has added more than 10 billion yuan of market space.
    What is more worth mentioning is that with the current living drinking water standards increasing from the previous 60 to 106, household water purification devices with higher water purification efficiency have entered the homes of ordinary people in recent years, and this field has long been regarded. A potential blue ocean market for future membrane technology.
    The above-mentioned Tsinghua University experts said that ensuring the quality of drinking water is one of the core principles of “Water Ten”, which means that 106 drinking water standards will be strictly implemented, and the popularity of civilian water purification equipment will undoubtedly continue to increase. According to statistics, in the first-tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, the popularity rate of civilian water purification equipment is only 15%, and that of other cities is less than 5%. This is far from the number of countries in Europe and the United States that are more than 70%.

   Shenyin Wanguo analysts also expect that with the continuous popularization of household water purifiers, the domestic market size in this field is expected to increase rapidly at the current level of 10 billion yuan, and the average compound growth rate of the market will remain above 50% in the next 10 years. In this respect, compared with traditional water purification technologies such as activated carbon adsorption, membrane technology has also been recognized by many families. The calculations from a home appliance market research institute show that the membrane water purifiers currently marketed are mainly ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis membranes, and the market share in the water purifier retail market is low. The market share is expected to increase in the next five years. more than half.

    In the field of sewage treatment membrane technology, in the past few years, many A-share companies including Bishuiyuan, Tianjin Mekong Technology, and Southern Huitong have been steadily occupying leading positions in various sub-sectors. Shen Wan analysts believe that as the membrane processing market benefits from the release of “Water Ten”, these leading companies will undoubtedly take the lead in bathing the industry “spring breeze”.

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