Analysis, Treatment and Prevention of Typical Accidents in Power Plant Water Treatment

    Raw water heating temperature exceeded the standard accident
    Consequences of the accident: When the heater is overheated, it may cause over-temperature damage or burn-out of the disk filter, ultrafiltration membrane or even reverse osmosis membrane, causing the equipment to be scrapped.
    Accident phenomenon: (1) The temperature table of the heater water output shows that the value is too high; (2) The hand touch disk filter device and the inlet and outlet water pipes are hot. (3) In severe cases, the water production of DF, UF, and RO will decrease rapidly. (4) In severe cases, hot water emerges from the top of the ultrafiltration water tank and the reverse osmosis production tank.
    Causes of the accident: (1) Excessive heating caused by failure of heater control; (2) Forgotten to stop the heater after stopping the water supply device. (3) The heater inlet valve is not tightly closed, causing steam leakage.
    Accident handling method: (1) When the heating temperature is too high, the steam inlet valve should be closed quickly, check which equipment the hot water is connected to, check the influence of hot water on the system, and find that the hot water is connected to the subsequent equipment and the temperature is higher than 40. At °C, immediately remove or replace the internal hot water, and then find the cause of overheating. (2) It can be adjusted in time when the temperature is slightly higher.

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